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Driven by decades of developing and supplying the industry's best well-bore stability products, Remedy is a versatile one-sack solution to stop fluid losses.

A Versatile One-Sack Solution

Remedy is a versatile "one-sack" solution for loss or returns. It's compatible with all types of drilling fluids, covers a broad range of applications and minimizes inventory on location.

Field Proven to Get Returns Quickly

Field-proven to effectively seal formations prone to loss-circulation, minimizing non-productive down-time and reducing operating costs

World-Wide Success

Remedy has been successful in sealing thief zones all over the world, with heavy successes in the North American Shale plays, Offshore and the Gulf of Mexico.

Lower Operating Costs

Remedy is know for its fast application times, sealing losses quickly and still providing industry leading long hold times.

Product Data Sheets

The Remedy lines includes loss circulation products engineered for applications requiring varying particle size distributions.

Medium PSD

Coarse PSD

Fine/Medium PSD

Medium PSD

Medium PSD


Out team has been making the industry’s most recognized LCM products for the last 40 years.  Let us show you why you should use Remedy on your next job.  

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Remedy is Made in the U.S.A